There are plenty of ways in which you can spend your free time. Many choose to find a hobby to help them relax and there is no better hobby than fishing. Not everyone loves fishing but the ones that do, have very particular reasons for it.

One of the main things, why you should love fishing, is its stress relief effect. Simply getting out of the chaos of a modern city and city life to spend a day in the middle of nature is extremely relaxing. Fishing offers this amazing opportunity.

Another reason to love fishing is the social aspect. When you go fishing, you can either go alone or with a small group of friends. People rarely go fishing in groups that are larger than 5. That is more than enough to spend time with friends and socialize in a relaxing environment.

Fishing for food is also another reason why you should love this hobby. While most fishermen do it for the sport and release their catch, you can always fish for food.

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