Camping is a way of enjoying nature, it consists of living sporadically for very short periods of time in natural places, such as mountains, wooded areas and others far from the cities, where simple houses are built with local materials, or special tents are taken to assemble them and spend the days enjoying the pure environment of nature.

This activity called camping, has become a hobby, a hobby that many people enjoy, to the point of making them in special vehicles called caravans, which are a style of houses to park them in the places where they decide to camp.

There are areas with land equipped for camping, these sites have their regulations, seasons and schedules in which camping is allowed, it is important when deciding to perform this activity to carry a number of utensils that make the stay more pleasant, such as mats, matches or tinder, light cooking utensils, plates and plastic cups, take food to prepare and material to protect themselves from insects and weather, not this other mosquito repellents and snake repellents.

Researching everything about the place where you plan to go camping can be an excellent idea to spend some unforgettable days.

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