Hiking is an activity that in recent times has gained much popularity among people looking for different things and outdoor fun, it is about living the maximum relaxation on trails that allow a high contact with nature.

For the practice of Hiking you must be prepared to travel on trails, crossing roads with certain difficulties of relief, where you get bridges, sometimes rustic and with difficulties to cross them, steep trails that require support to avoid accidents, however, it is an activity that produces great satisfaction.

Undertaking a hiking adventure requires some implements, such as a backpack to carry necessary equipment, utensils to prepare meals, fire, tents, umbrellas, water containers, compasses, if necessary GPS, gloves, good hiking boots, insect repellents, hats to protect from the sun, and a fundamental implement the hiking poles, these allow you to support you in intricate terrain and descents.

This activity is not considered to be of high difficulty, and generally the trails are well-marked along the way, and the duration of these hikes does not usually extend for long periods of time.

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