In today’s world where we spend time more sitting, using technology and eating dishes that are unhealthy just because it is easier to make. But, the pandemic changes it all and makes it worse. At the start of the pandemic, everything is shut except for the essential goods. It was fine at first but it takes longer than expected which gives us anxiety about what could probably happen in our life after it. We became tired and drained physically, mentally and emotionally for most of us our financial shakes to the point where we had no choice but to use our savings which stresses us more. In times like these outdoor recreation will ease everything.

Outdoor recreation is like our time to breathe, no task dues, monthly dues even just for awhile it is only you, your friends/family and your activity but not because it has the term “outdoor” it needed to be in pair or group for there are activities where you can do alone. As a student, sibling, friend, and child I think outdoor recreation does not only makes you forget your dues it helps more than that. It can introduce us to a new environment, let us meet new people, strengthen the bond if you have someone with you, discover new things, and put you in a better state physically, mentally, or even emotionally.

It personally helps me physically in a way that it helps me strengthen my muscle which can put me in a better state in the long run. Helps me mentally and emotionally in a way where it helps me think clearly which helps a lot in lessening the stress. Being in a good state of mind and body can help you live healthier and stronger in the partner of a healthy diet, it can help you think faster, clearer and improves your decision making, Take care of your health more than the money you can make. Live now and not regret anything in the future.

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