There are people who feel great passion for living outdoors in nature, they are those who are engaged in nature excursions, these are the type of people who require an Outdoor Survival Gear, which used skillfully allows them to survive in the most unsuspecting places you can visit.

A suitable Outdoor Survival Gear can be composed of:

  • Water, there are small devices that are composed of lightweight containers with built-in filters, to convert water from streams and springs into drinking water, and there are also tablets to purify water.
  • Phosphorus, Yesqueros or fire starters, in the market there are solid fuel tablets that serve even to cook food.
  • Hammock
  • Tent
  • Tarpaulins and blankets
  • Ponchos and appropriate clothing for the occasion.
  • Sleeping
  • Hats or hats
  • Light cooking utensils, may include a portable headlamp stove, all-purpose knives,
  • Survival food, beef, chicken, pork, pork, turkey
  • Survival knife
  • Axes
  • Fish traps and wildlife traps
  • Compass, GPS
  • Hooks, fishing lines
  • Ropes
  • Belts with quick-release buckle -Flashlights
  • Flashlights
  • Solar Chargers
  • Backpack or Backpack to carry equipment

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